• Only pay when you earn–We don’t charge you any fixed monthly fee. You only pay a small percentage of the order amount when someone orders through Y the Wait
  • Save on waiter salaries
  • Extra turnover up to 30% (Increase order frequency: people will reorder more often if it’s easier and quicker)
  • More time to interact with the customer
  • Increase table occupancy
  • Analyze the consumer behavior
  • Offer your customers loyalty programs and builda stronger brand identity
  • Get better staff efficiency during busy hours: the quality and quantity of your staff goes up when they work with a simple service that helps that manage client orders and payments.
  • Eco friendly: less food wastage. Y the Wait gives insights into buying habits of your customers, which allows you to anticipate on that when restocking your items
  • Offer the easiest way of ordering and stand out from the crowd
  • Shorten service times
  • Get full personalized 24/7 support from our specialists
  • No additional hardware required and no hidden costs: we work with honesty and transparency, so you will not get a surprise bill at the end of the month.
Reserve a Restaurant Table with YtheWait App
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Language barrier? Not anymore! Your staff can now handle any client from anywhere in the world with the translation option in Y the Wait.


Attract customers that normally wouldn’t know about your restaurant with ‘’nearby’. Get your brand on top of the list when people nearby are in search of a restaurant


Easily manage bookings for minimum rates *

Get more takeaway and delivery orders


Offer a more convenient way to order for corporate lunches. Make your clients order and pay before arrival so they have minimum waiting time and maximum time to enjoy!

Happy Hours

Attract more customers during happy hours

Avoid annoyed customers and line-ups during happy hours


Offer your nightclub customers a VIP service experience

Dodge the rush during the last call round and order before it’s too late


Manage room service, food orders, or additional services through Y the Wait. Easy overview and satisfactory for your clients. Happy clients happy business with Y the Wait for hotels


Your clients will order and pay with more convenience from their seats

Happier clients and more sales and turnover for your business

Takeaway & Home Delivery

Manage all takeaway and delivery orders from Y the Wait with an easy overview of orders and pay the minimum price per order.

Provide and equip your own staff and use your own brand while delivering and handling delivery orders.