Y the Wait for Lebanon

We’re introducing a supermarket module to help families overseas to prepay and order groceries for their loved ones living in Lebanon in these uncertain times.

  • Today, Lebanon is suffering from one of the most horrible food inflations in the world. Lebanon residents are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic and devastating economic crisis.
  • The price of essential food has doubled. Many people have stopped purchasing fruit, vegetables, meat and even struggle to buy bread.
  • Y the Wait has launched a grocery module in Lebanon to enable citizens living outside the country to send groceries to their loved ones in these difficult times. Lebanese people can pick up or groceries or get them delivered to their homes.
Y the Wait for Lebanon

Many businesses are forced to layoff staff or put them on leave without pay. Y the Wait is want to try and help business owners to keep their head above water. Grocery stores owners can partner with Y the Wait and let their staff start up a delivery service. There's no need to pay massive commissions to third party companies.

Making grocery & food ordering quicker and smarter

Y the Wait allows users to place an order directly from their smartphones from any part of the world. The platform follows all social distancing norms and can help to enhance revenue by 4x. Y the Wait's initiative will bring FRESH MONEY to the merchants.

How it works
Search Supermarkets or restaurants near loved ones

Users can browse items from different grocery stores and place orders online.

Select Delivery Times

Users can choose delivery slots as per their choice and get stuff delivered promptly.

Receive order

Loved ones can pick grocery from supermarket or grocery store

Amazing features for users
Ai-based Filters

Users can use ai-based smart filters to select and browse items easily.

Advanced scheduling

Users can place orders for next day in-advance as per their time availability and get loved ones notified when order is ready for pick up or delivery.

Place Orders Globally

Users can send essential items, food and medicines to their loved ones from any part of the world. We do not charge any hidden fees.

Pay Online Using Any Currency

Enjoy the freedom to take orders in any currency. Our intelligent payment gateway will convert payments in LBP without charging extra fees.

Why do our partners love us?
  • Safe & Reliable

    Ready for change? Improve your grocery business and ensure the safety of staff & guests with Y the Wait. We help you follow social distancing norms with our contactless delivery option. Y the Wait provides real-time status of grocery delivery to the users.

  • Freedom to Users

    Give users the flexibility to place orders anytime and from anywhere.

  • Customer accounts

    Encourage repeat shopping by individual customer accounts. Users have an option to place orders like a guest without creating an account or even place orders from their accounts.

  • Unlimited listings

    There is no limit to listing items on Y the Wait grocery app. Grocery stores can sell any number of articles online in a hassle-free manner.

  • Payment gateways

    Paypal to any local wallet. Y the Wait has integration with all majority of payment gateway and local app wallets. Moreover, the users can use a cash on delivery option to pay for their groceries.

Reserve a Restaurant Table with YtheWait App
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Y the Wait is a worldwide app that allows users to order groceries, book a table at their fave restaurants, preorder meals, search for happy hours and much more. We are a global company doing business in Canada, Netherlands, India, USA and other countries with thousands of satisfied merchants business owners.

First, sign up with Y the Wait. For your first order, add address and register your phone number. Select your preferred supermarket or grocery store. Browse through a wide variety of products, add to cart and choose the preferred mode of online payment. Pay online and place your order.

Since multiple payment methods are available, the transaction fee completely depends on the payment gateway being used by the client. The transaction fee for credit card payment is different from Paypal or iDeal.

You just need to signup or register yourself at Y the Wait ‘Become a partner’ page which will only take a few minutes. After it is done, you will be able to access the dashboard and provide information. Within a few hours, you will be able to start services on Y the Wait.

You can add the products in the dashboard or send it to our 24*7 support team who will add it for you.

Y the Wait is just a platform for the customers to place their orders. We do not provide delivery. We do have software solutions for delivery staff which allows business partners to employ their own delivery staff. Timely delivery of groceries is solely the responsibility of supermarkets and grocery stores.