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Y the Wait CEO Says Join us to Prevent COVID-19 Crisis in the Hospitality Industry

YtheWait waives-off its service-fee until 31st May 2020 or further if required YtheWait prompts restaurant owners to start food delivery services free of cost by employing own delivery staff to save high margins Use Y the Wait - all-in-one digital waiter app, to order your food contactless...

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Y the Wait Comes Up With a Plan for Restaurant Owners

Y the Wait introduces digital waiter as a new-normal to convert restaurants into smart restaurants without any investment The company calls on restaurant owners to stop paying up to 30% commissions to other delivery companies and let their staff working by starting DIY delivery... Click here to Install now.

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Y the Wait - "The Amazon of Smart Dining"

Y the Wait can take food and drink orders at any time while dining, call the waiter with a single click and pay the bill online with the preferred mode of payment gateway. The users can enjoy personalized deals and offers, the menu at your fingertips, and check happy hours and skip the lines in... Click here to Install now.

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