Users are not allowed to cancel out on an order once it has been confirmed by the authorities. When a user tries to cancel an order nevertheless, YTheWait will have the full right to charge the user with cancellation fees, which will depend on the value of the order. In case an order is canceled after the payment has been processed, the order value will be non-refundable. The value of the processed payment will be paid out to the restaurant, being validated as a cancellation fee (see the YTheWait clause (iii) for more information on the authority of YTheWait of regarding the charge a user for cancellation fees).

Meanwhile, if any food item is found unavailable, the user will be informed by YTheWait and compensation might be in effect for the user if the user applies for a refund through the YTheWait refund policy.

YTheWait has full authority to cancel (an) order(s) when any of the following issues takes place:
  • The user address is out of the delivery zone, which is clearly mentioned in the application during the ordering process.
  • Delivery issues because of lack/incorrectness of information and authorization at time of delivery.
  • If half or more of the items are not available while booking takes place.


Only those orders will be entitled to refunds that have been paid in full in advance. Users are eligible for a refund if they meet only certain terms and conditions which are listed below.

  • If you have received a damaged or tampered order at the time of delivery
  • If the restaurant fails to deliver your food items within a stipulated time
  • If you have been delivered the wrong order

Whatever the case be, YtheWait reserves the full right to refuse your refunds if we find any misconduct by you.

The refund amount will be credited to your account within 10 business days.

Got more questions about refunds? You should get in touch with our customer support team.