POS System for Restaurants

Say goodbye to the old cash registry systems. Y the Wait POS system gives you full control over digital ordering, contactless payments and table management. Are you ready for the future?

What is POS?

Point of sale (POS) describes the place where the actual sale takes place. Strictly taken this can be the supermarket or a country. Entrepreneurs use it more in the context of a cash register system. Did you know that? Point of sale (POS) is also another word for ‘’Point of Purchase’’.

The benefits of using a POS system

POS systems make it easier for entrepreneurs to stay in control of their hospitality or retail business. In contrast to a cash registry system that only helps you with managing transactions; a good POS system provides you far more value and let you handle a high volume of money. It is a computerized system that handles your staff, inventory, transactions and gives data which can help you forecast problems.

Many businesses like restaurants, hotels, catering, and other hospitality use this to stay on the edge of their field.

Choosing the Right POS for Your Restaurant

Restaurants or other hospitality business have to deal with a lot of transactions and have to have great table management. Choosing the right point of sale system is essential to keep the customer experience high. If you are searching for a POS for your restaurant, make sure to look for:

Easy to use

Staff Time Tracking

All-in-One Software

Mobile Friendly

Management Inventory

High Security

Data & Rapport

Let’s zoom in at the hospitality branch

Our main focus is to help restaurants, hotels and catering to provide better, faster and secure service by offering a plug and play POS system. The Y the Wait POS is free for all entrepreneurs. And comes with a mobile application which allows users to get faster and contactless service. If you are looking for a low investment POS than Y the Wait is worth looking at.

Wrapping it up

Having a good secure POS system is essential for running a successful business and staying on the edge of your competition. Old cash registry systems are history and don’t cut the needs of the entrepreneurs. Restaurants and other hospitality business are handling a high volume of money and need to track every penny. Choosing the right POS should provide value for the customer experience and increase the service within your business.